Installation by Efi Fouriki
Installation by Efi Fouriki
Original music by Lambros Taklis

Video projection on a transparent balloon.

Cracked glass, web structures, etc. are projected on the precarious surface of a soap bubble. This material is recorded on video, invested with a musical theme composed specifically for the work by Lambros Taklis and projected by a video projector onto a transparent sphere. The dimensions and the position of the sphere are determined by the specific site of each installation.

The work was created for the exhibition Common Place 1 (Epi Kolono Theatre, 2005), was presented also at the exhibition Dialogues (Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki 2006 - participation through TinT gallery) and at my solo exhibition "At the limits of matter", Athens 2011-workshop dionisis+kirki (factum11).